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We're excited to share our exclusive suite of partners, curated to help you earn commissions effortlessly. Our partners vary across industry, giving you more  flexibility to sell the right solutions at the right time.

Here's a sneak peek into what our dynamic partner suite offers:

R&D Credits Expertise

Unlock hidden opportunities for your clients with our partner's expertise in Research and Development tax credits.

Cost Segregation Specialists

Optimize property depreciation and increase cash flow for your clients through our Cost Segregation partner.

Streamlined Payroll & HR Solutions

Make business operations smoother with our partner's efficient Payroll and HR services.

Comprehensive 401k Planning

Enhance your client's financial future with our partner's comprehensive 401k planning services.

Telehealth Benefits

Offer a valuable perk to your clients with our Telehealth benefits partner, promoting employee well-being.

Virtual Pitch Cards

Elevate your presentation game with our partner offering Virtual Pitch Cards, making your pitches more impactful.

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How It Works

Step 1: Easy Sign Up

Ready to kickstart your affiliate career? Take the first step by filling out our affiliate form. Then watch for our confirmation email – it's the gateway to a world of exciting opportunities!

Step 2: Dive into the Affiliate Portal

Once you're officially part of the team, it's time to explore our offerings! Within your personalized affiliate portal, you can research our full catalog of products. Whether you're drawn to a single star or ready to champion them all, the power of choice is in your hands.

Step 3: Affiliate Link Activation

Generate your custom affiliate link(s), which allow you to monitor every sign-up you bring in. Start sharing your link across your channels and wait for the commissions to come rolling in.

Step 4: Commission Rewards

Orkid offers competitive monthly commissions, with breakdowns tailored to each product you select. It's the culmination of your journey—the point where your networking efforts turn into real rewards!

Orkid Affiliate Benefits: Unlock Your Unmatched Advantage

Lucrative Returns

You want to get paid well, and we get it. Our competitive commission structure is negotiated Most-Favored Nation pricing for your customers, only available when you sell through our network. It's the kind of partnership where everyone wins big.

Simple Sales and Implementation

Say goodbye to the hard sell. With Orkid, your role transforms into a smooth handoff to our expert providers who handle the closing for you. And our products come with personalized marketing one-pagers, making customer adoption a breeze.

No License Headaches

Worried about licenses? Relax. Orkid's affiliate program requires no licenses, eliminating unnecessary red tape and letting you focus on what matters – driving results for your clients.

Zero Interference

Orkid is designed to seamlessly integrate into your ecosystem, creating harmony rather than competition. Our affiliate agreement doesn't impose any restrictions on your ability to sell other services or engage in affiliate programs beyond Orkid.

Trusted by Affiliates Nationwide

Teaming up with the folks at Orkid has been wonderful! They’re super responsive and really get what I’m looking for. Navigating through the affiliate portal is easy, and it’s packed with awesome partnerships that my clients are going to love.
Allana, Partner
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